SMC Team: left to right

  • Elizabeth Parker - Public Engagement
  • Laura Brooke - Research Director
  • Tom Hubgregsen - AmeriCorps VISTA
  • Dan Jones - Executive Director


Dan Jones – Executive Director , is one of the Co-Founders of the Sustainable Montpelier Coalition and former Managing Director of NetZero Vermont. As a Social Entrepreneur, Jones has developed successful projects in community communications and disabilities awareness.

His professional history in communications and cable policy allows him to understand the balance between the public and private sector needs. Before helping to form SMC, he managed the Sustainable Montpelier 2030 Design Competition.

Jones was also a video artist and has produced an award winning series of New England travel videos. As an avid gardener, he believes that front lawns should be a major source of each family's food

Elizabeth Parker – Public Engagement, has worked for the New York Times News Service and National Wildlife Federation Editions, and, as Economic Development Chair of her town, wrote and implemented a town-wide survey to secure federal, state and independent funding for the creation of a multi-use community center. Parker helped publicize the Sustainable Montpellier 2030 Design Competition. Since then she volunteered with SMC — working to organize the Garden Party Kick-Off in summer ’17, State Street Saturdays in fall ’17 and assisted in grant-writing in spring ’18.

Long and advocate of net-zero energy use, in 1983 Parker designed and built a passive solar house. For the last seven years Parker has chosen to forego rural life, preferring instead the benefits of life in downtown Montpelier where she lives car liberated and enjoys gardening at the Northfield Community Garden.

Laura Brooke—Research Director, grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and attended Simmons College where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science in 2012. Since graduating, Laura served as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Montpelier, Vermont. She enjoyed her time in Montpelier immensely and grew a passion working with mission driven organizations who strive to better communities and ensure sustainability and resiliency for all. She recently graduated with a Masters in Resilient and Sustainable Communities with Green Mountain College. Laura also volunteers at Freeride, the community bike shop. She can talk for hours about bikes!

AmeriCorps VISTA

Tom Hubregsen – AmeriCorps VISTA, was born and raised in Southbury Connecticut and is a recent graduate of Lehigh University with a degree in Political Science and International Relations. Tom is serving as a first year VISTA after working extensively with Municipal Emergency Services. He is excited to become part of the community in Montpelier and hopes to make a lasting impact on the resiliency of the city through his service!