SMC Team: left to right

  • Hanif Nazerali (with Cece our mascot) - CAN Program Liaison & General Support: Design, Evaluation & Reporting
  • Elizabeth Parker - Shared Mobility Liaison//CFO


Elizabeth Parker – Shared Mobility Liaison//Chief Financial Officer, has worked for the New York Times News Service and National Wildlife Federation Editions, and, as Economic Development Chair of her town, wrote and implemented a town-wide survey to secure federal, state and independent funding for the creation of a multi-use community center. Parker helped publicize the Sustainable Montpellier 2030 Design Competition. Since then she volunteered with SMC — working to organize the Garden Party Kick-Off in summer ’17, State Street Saturdays in fall ’17 and assisted in grant-writing in spring ’18.

Long an advocate of net-zero energy use, in 1983 Parker designed and built a passive solar house. For the last seven years Parker has chosen to forego rural life, preferring instead the benefits of life in downtown Montpelier where she lives car liberated and enjoys gardening at the Northfield Community Garden.

Hanif Nazerali — CAN Program Liaison & Support: Design, Evaluation & Reporting, contributes to building resilient systems for health and well-being, and improved quality of life. Hanif's current specialty is ecologic community health through interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches for health and wellbeing that will make our localities more livable; modeling successful innovation based on community engagement and social enterprise for a climate resilient, economically sustainable, and socially just future.